The floodplain of the Amazon River — where flora, fauna, and human communities have adapted to an annual 7 m flood wave — supports a wealth of biodiversity and extremely productive fisheries. Recent research has demonstrated that these resources are under threat from climate change (Fabré et al. 2017; Barichivich et al. 2018) and deforestation driven by cattle ranching and agriculture (Renó et al. 2016).

Our project « Sustaining Amazon floodplain Biodiversity and fishERiES under climate change » (SABERES) addresses several aspects of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. We will predict the effects of climate-driven changes in inundation regimes on fish, forests, and phytoplankton, and will assess fisheries co-management, floodplain reforestation, and other strategies for mitigation/adaptation to climate change.  

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10 mars 2023 / Actualités

Film Maintaining fishing in the Amazon

With the creation of a serious game, French and Brazilian researchers are working with the local population on issues related...
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30 mars 2022 / Actualités

Campaign in the Amazon for sustainable fisheries

A transdisciplinary team of social and environmental scientists has just completed a campaign in the surroundings of Santarém, in the...
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